Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't worry, I'm back!

I didn't forget about you. I've just been super busy. You know getting married, honeymooning, starting a new career and the like.

But I'm back. And let me update you on what you've missed.

The wedding was crazy, chaotic and wonderful. Everything didn't go as planned, but does it ever? Looking back on everything, it is a reminder that beauty if often found in the little imperfections. It was amazing to get to spend so much time with all of our favorite friends and family.

I kicked off the weekend by hosting a bridesmaids luncheon on my patio Friday afternoon. Yes, you heard correctly, on my patio. I learned quickly how blessed I am to be surrounded by such phenomenal friends and women as I began to have a melt down first thing that morning. My fake nail followed suit with the trend that my real nails set that week and broke. I had to go get it repaired. When I returned, I noticed that all of the hydrangeas we had arranged the night before had died. And my fruit salad looked a bit suspect. David's cousin, Ray, had misplaced his car key and seemed to be convinced that it was in our garbage can so he repeatedly pulled everything (and we had treated all the early arrivals/helpers to wings the night before) out of the garbage and set it on my clean kitchen floor. Lucky for me, Alise, Tammy and my Momma jumped into gear. The girls really helped a ton getting everything ready for a party for them. Momma ended up missing the luncheon because she was tracking down more hydrangea (who also died!) But hey, in hindsight I learned two things

1. It doesn't matter how may times you have arranged hydrangeas, the day before your wedding you do not need to be worrying about dead flowers. Leave it to the professionals.

2. If you cannot control it, you might want to laugh at it.

{My AMAZING Bridesmaids}

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