Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wedding Wednesday in all it's glory!

Monday, January 25, 2010


{this is glamorous}

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...the return

My bad, Wedding Wednesday has been MIA the past couple of weeks. It has been incredibly hectic and quite frankly, the wedding has been the last thing on my mind. Fortunately, I have my mother and K (my FMIL) to keep me in line. Today is all about invitations since I am doing a final tweak of the guest list to confirm all formal, proper names and preparing the envelopes to head to the calligrapher. SOO EXCITED! I stumbled across these images on Design Sponge. Although they aren't my calligraphers' work and aren't even similar to what we discussed, they are still very lovely. Don't you love the funky stamps? I sure do!

{images from Design Sponge}

I also ordered labels for the OOT boxes which I had expected to arrive already but to no avail, have not seen yet. If they aren't here tomorrow I will have to call the company and get all BRIDEZILLA on them. Or not. I will probably just politely request to know where they are or how they were shipped so that I can track them because man, I'd really hate to put anyone out.

PS: I hope that you noted the sarcasm on the latter because Bridezilla is what I'd really like to do but polite is just more my pace the majority of the time.


I totally want this...

{image from Ryan Portnoy of Kellan Studios via The Bride's Cafe}
I think I missed my era. Full skirts, fur stoles, hat boxes, what's not to love?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Me...

Yes, I know. But I love it and think that it would match my kitchen very well. Speaking of which, I need to share pics of our new and improved fridge! It is super fantastic!

For Nikki...

{this is glamorous}
I stumbled across this image and thought of her quest for seating. I completely acknowledge that this may be more my taste than hers. But I'm just sayin'...gotta love a pair of chairs. I wouldn't mind these in my living room.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Milkglass

Love some milkglass! One of the few things in the world that I would contemplate collecting!

photo from {this is glamourous}, maybe my new fave blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Oasis

I found one for D and three for me...

Simple and v. masculine for D, complete with antlers
{this is glamorous}
Oyster shell walls for me
{this is glamorous}
oh lala toile for me
{this is glamorous}
Repurposed headboard for me
{this is glamorous}

Don't you wish that you could stay in bed all day?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday, Getting Busy!

So sorry to have neglected the blog. Between the holidays and my work schedule life has been super hectic! D and I are really hammering out the finishing touches for the wedding including but not limited to

  • putting together "Out of Town" packages,
  • finalizing the guest list (I think that I am missing 3 desired addresses)
  • preparing the envelopes for the calligrapher (I am so EXCITED to see her work! She isn't supposed to be super traditional and I think that they should turn out super well!)
  • ordering gifts for our AWESOME participants (I am so EXCITED to see the final products!)
  • trying to find a gobo insert (what is a gobo? you ask. it's a light that you can personalize and finding the insert isn't as easy as it sounds.)
  • trying to find (economical) sparklers. yet another case of putting the word wedding in the marketing and experiencing serious inflation.
  • pulling together the rehearsal dinner, which is shaping up to be a lot of fun!
  • learning about the process of putting together a Presbyterian wedding (um. hello. I am a Catholic. I do not know how your services work.)
  • and a lot of other stuff that I am forgetting. Thank GOD for lists!

I know that this isn't really pretty, but no worries, as things get closer I will post some pictures of our actual stuff!