Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday, Getting Busy!

So sorry to have neglected the blog. Between the holidays and my work schedule life has been super hectic! D and I are really hammering out the finishing touches for the wedding including but not limited to

  • putting together "Out of Town" packages,
  • finalizing the guest list (I think that I am missing 3 desired addresses)
  • preparing the envelopes for the calligrapher (I am so EXCITED to see her work! She isn't supposed to be super traditional and I think that they should turn out super well!)
  • ordering gifts for our AWESOME participants (I am so EXCITED to see the final products!)
  • trying to find a gobo insert (what is a gobo? you ask. it's a light that you can personalize and finding the insert isn't as easy as it sounds.)
  • trying to find (economical) sparklers. yet another case of putting the word wedding in the marketing and experiencing serious inflation.
  • pulling together the rehearsal dinner, which is shaping up to be a lot of fun!
  • learning about the process of putting together a Presbyterian wedding (um. hello. I am a Catholic. I do not know how your services work.)
  • and a lot of other stuff that I am forgetting. Thank GOD for lists!

I know that this isn't really pretty, but no worries, as things get closer I will post some pictures of our actual stuff!

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