Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

I spent today running errands and shopping. It was rather nice since it's the first time I've had alone time since the 23rd. I decided to set some goals for the upcoming year. I think that that this year's mantra will be:

2009 was a good year, it had a tough act to follow in 2008. That was the year that I got a dog, a house and a fiance in that order. This upcoming year is a big milestone, I am getting married. A lot of things will be prepared for but when it boils down to it, on our wedding day they will be out of my control. If you know me, you know that I firmly believe in preparedness (aka, control), so this may be hard. I think that I can do it though, just relax and go with the flow, a lesson I should take from D. Sometimes I think that's the only way that he puts up with me.

Now, in no particular order, I want to share my goals, some good and some a bit selfish, for 2010.

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On...duh
  2. Get back into shape (meaning 3-5 miles at least 3 times a week & not stopping after May)
  3. Wear Sunscreen (but be slightly tan so I don't burn in Antigua in May)
  4. Don't spend money to save money (those coupons get me every time)
  5. See the glass half full (even when it isn't easy)
  6. Go to Church more and get D to go to mass at least once a month
  7. Don't speak about others, even in a positive way, if they aren't there
  8. Clean out my junk and get the house the way that I want it (after the wedding)
  9. Figure out where I want to be in my career in 10 years and stop being a wimp about it.
  10. Win the lottery.

D wanted number 10 to be to quit smoking but I'm not ready for that yet. I only set attainable goals. So my friends, let's make this happen!

One more,

11. Read and write more. I really enjoy it. Oh and don't neglect the blog.

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