Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reflections upon shopping with D.

Written on Tuesday, December 8, 2010. Not published because it was not finished.
So sorry it's been a while since I last posted. I have been very busy, infact today is my ninth day in a row at work. That said, I am beginning to panic a bit over the quickly approaching holiday season. You see, I pride myself on organization, always having a plan. But between work, the wedding and unseasonably warm temperatures, I just haven't gotten into the holiday spirit. I have no idea what to buy the majority of my shopping list and quite frankly, haven't really had a chance to think it through. D is the one that I am most worried about since it is unbelievably difficult to shop for him. He doesn't think that he needs new things particularly often and ofcourse, the things that he really wants are EXPENSIVE (I mean really, I can't see spending $300-$700 on a fishing reel) and he just doesn't get as excited about the types of things that I do. I have decided that a toy boat will most definitely be included in his stocking this year.

Update: We almost completed the shopping today.
It was not the most fun but we are learning how to shop as a couple. Interestingly enough, I think that I may shop more like a man than D. I took a Western Civilization class in high school that swore that shopping was one of the few activities that men and women still participated in that showed their "hunter/gatherer" roots. Women allegedly browsed and slowly gathered while men entered their destination with their spear ready to stab. They would then grab their product and get the heck out of dodge, leaving the women wandering, slowly collecting their necessary items.

Today, I was a HUNTER. I hate pre Christmas shopping. I generally have a list of where I am going and what I am purchasing at this time of the year. I will admit that the rest of the year, I am a gatherer, but not when the store looks like a mullet filled jungle. The first store we entered went very smoothly, leaving me optimistic about the remainder of the day and banishing all doubts that we would end up snapping each others heads off. I should have known better since we were shopping for Baylor. The next three left me doubtful. D didn't want to look at anything that they had and had no clue what he wanted to buy. At the third store, Best Buy, he got into a line that had approximately 100 people in it to purchase a single DVD. I thought he was crazy. No worries though, alls well that ends well. We rounded the day out only needing to purchase gifts for one another and our mothers. Moral of the story, he needs department stores. He gets lost and confused and snippity anywhere else.

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