Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Wedding Wednesday Again!

Dear Blog, I promise to write in you more. No really, it's been an incredibly hectic week for me.

Last Tuesday I was on the phone with my momma discussing when to take my wedding portrait and she suggested next week. I thought that she had lost her mind, really gone bat shit crazy. She was serious. "Tuesday would be great for me. You don't want to miss the flowers do you?"

She had a strong argument. My photographer, the lovely Megan Kime, does gorgeus, natural light photography, which is one of the main reasons I chose her. But these outdoor shoots require a bit more planning and obviously a plan b. I am getting married in May and really wanted for the portrait to at least look like it was shot in the spring, with you know, flowers...greenery...sunshine.

There I was on the phone with my slightly insistant mother (who, for the record, is always right) agreeing that we could try for next Tuesday. Sure. Why not. We definitely don't want it to frost. That would put a huge dent in our last minute plans. The whole weekend is supposed to be overcast and set record breaking lows. Tuesday, awesome idea.

I just need off of work, my photographers availability, a bouquet, all of my accessories (which I still don't have completely lined up), a hairdresser, a makeup artist and a mani-pedi. The mani due mainly to the fact that my nails immeadiately made their way to my mouth.

I told my momma that I would have to call her back and began the week long coordination that that culminated in a fabulous shoot at Duke Gardens and Duke Chapel yesterday. Ofcourse, Megan and my momma were available. And they were about it.

The girl that I plan on having do my hair for the wedding books up at least a month out and didn't anticipate any cancellations. No one else at the salon was available. My florist told me "no" to a real bouquet but graciously allowed me to rent (for $47) a bouquet of silk flowers that they had already put together and stacked on top of a cooler in their store. JCrew sold out, apparently in a week and without a sale, of a bracelet that I had been eyeing for months. I would post the picture but it seems to have disappeared. The only place that could squeeze me in for a mani-pedi (that doesn't use those creepy drills) gave me Lee press ons and charged me $20 for them. Being the push over that I am, I just paid and vowed to never return there again. I booked a spray tan, you know the kind where the actual person sprays you, not the "Mystic" which leaves the majority of society looking as if all they have ever consumed is carrots, peaches and a vast quantity of Fanta. Monday, at lunch, the girl who is supposed to spray me down calls and tells me that her boss booked my appointment without her consent and she can't see me that night but she would be more than happy to spray me tomorrow. I tell her thanks but no thanks. And during all of this, I manage to forget entirely about the whole makeup part. (Thank God for the MAC counter)

Not my week. Luckily, I think that it all worked out. We shot at Duke Gardens and had phenomenal weather. Despite the frost there were still flowers in bloom. It was 70 degrees and sunny. I got my fake bouquet which it turns out not only saved me about $125 but also looked very realistic in the pictures (according to my photographer). Mitchell's at Southpoint did my hair and an awesome girl at the MAC counter at Belks did my makeup (and also convinced me to purchase a slew of concoctions that I am not quite sure how to use).

All in all, a great day. Enjoy the teasers of hair and make up taken by David when I got home!

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  1. So glad it all worked out! I LOVE your hair and your makeup is so pretty!! I'm sure your portraits are gorgeous and I can't wait to see!!