Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ta Da!

When we bought our house in June of 2008, we loved the kitchen layout but hated the overall look. This is the original. Please note the heinous light fixture. This didn't last 24 hours into our move in. The brass fixtures were removed shortly there after and replaced with the much more stylish oil rubbed bronze. Then the work stopped.

I started bitching and David surprised me a couple of weeks ago by priming over the most ridiculous wallpaper that may have never existed outside of an elementary school art room except to grace our lovely kitchen.

We started looking at paint colors and decided on La Fonda Tile Red. As David and I began painting and I began panicking. If you have ever painted in your home, I am sure that you know the feeling that swept over me. The "this is it" feeling which was closely followed by a slight wave a nausea. I began second questioning my color choice and was sure that it would be like the yellow in our bedroom that we both secretly hated for a full year before we confessed our strong dislike for the color to one another. Each convinced that the other loved the yellow and suffering in silence.

Here it is. I still wasn't sure about the color at this point and looking at this picture, I am sure that you can see why.

These were taken Saturday night, prior to touch up or painting the trim. Looking much better but really bringing out the blue counter tops and prehistoric fridge (which will be great once it resides in the garage.) Oh well, we hope to have those refinished before Christmas (realistically, I would like them done this week. Not realistic.)

These shots are as we decided to go ahead and install plantation blinds in the kitchen. As long as we were at it we might as well go all the way. I can't wait to start looking for fabric for new window treatments!

TaDa! New kitchen! Don't worry, I'll be sure to share pics once the counter is done, fridge is replaced and if we ever get around to the floor!


  1. It looks lovely! The color is so warm looking.

  2. Looks great! Isn't it amazing what a difference a little paint can make???