Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Invites, Invites, Go Away. AKA Wedding Wednesday

Now for a little wedding venting.

As I stated in my previous Wedding Wednesday, it is getting to be that time when decisions must be made. After looking for 600 and something odd days at magazines, mailings, websites and books full of overpriced paper, we must make a decision. Ofcourse, to David's great annoyance, we debated engraving, letterpress, thermography and basic printing. Did we want pockets, trifolds or ribbons? Do we know what that means, do we care? Which inclosures are necessary? Should we design them? Should we have someone else design them? Should we take on the DIY? Then there is the wording. Traditional, contemporary, or unique, everyone from the Knotties, to Martha, to the ever present Emily Post has an opinion.

I mean really, it needs to get a point across. We are getting married on May 1, 2010 and we would really like for you to be there. Why are there so many options for anal retentive people, such as moi, to spend hours pouring over and analyzing. I mean some of the options are incredible. And ridiculously expensive. I think that the idea of spending thousands of dollars on paper which you will mail to family and friends and even a few people that you don't even know is for the birds. It will take it's place on their fridge, bulletin board or catch all and be discarded once the day is over. That isn't very enviromentally minded, now is it.

As I type this a little bird is sitting on my shoulder reminding me that it is the very first impression that your guests will get of your special day. It will guide them as to the tone, the dress and overall vibe. They must be cohesive (my biggest fear is that all the individual selections, that I adore, will not produce an overall cohesive look). Moral of the vent. They are important, I know. I will have them and hopefully people will read them. I'm not sure what has gotten into me tonight, maybe Tropical Storm Ida and her crazy rain, but bah humbug.

Now for a pretty wedding inspiration board.

That's lovely isn't it. And that, my friends, is what it's all about!

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