Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding Wednesday!

It has been a productive week! After much debate, I think that I may have finally chosen my bridal portrait. Thank you's to everyone who has patiently looked through the 100 plus pictures offering suggestions and listening to me shoot them down. I really do appreciate your help. I must get it ordered ASAP since a fabulous coupon for 60% off custom framing came in the mail yesterday!

Since work has begun having me work some weekends (after much protest), I had Friday off as comp time. Ofcourse, I spent the day meeting with vendors and I believe that I have finally made a decision on my florist. I have found someone who uses hydrangeas and peonies but is still with in my budget! If you have discussed my wedding with me at all, you have probably heard my dismay at the astronomical cost of my favorite flowers...I mean really, $15 a stem. One flower, have you lost your mind? Without further ado, I give you some of her bouquets. Leave a comment and let me know which one's you like the best!

{photos courtesy of Rebecca Everette with Occasions}

While our countertops were being refinished on Saturday, D and I were very productive. We picked out tuxes for the wedding, and I must say I find them to be very dapper. After very little debate, D and I reached a verdict. As classic as possible. Black suiting, black bow tie and cumberbund. We will distinguish wedding party roles with different bouts.

Busy week with much progress and I couldn't be happier!


  1. Yay! You are really checkin' things off the list lately! I love, love, LOVE those green hydrangeas! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I am torn between #1 and #2. I like them both! I'm so excited you're able to get what you want within your budget! Isn't that the greatest feeling!?!?