Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...A Reflection

Sunday was our 6 month pre-versary. I will be married in 178 days. I find this to be incredibly overwhelming. Most normal people wouldn't, but I never claimed to be normal.

You see, when I first signed up for a membership on The Knot, it promptly told me that I had 700 and some odd days until I was married. "Cool," I thought, "that's an eternity." I have done nothing but take my time every step of the way and this week it hit me that I no longer have that much time to take.

Don't get me wrong. I do not regret my long engagement. At all. I think that it has been wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone. "Take your time," I would say. "Think everything through," I would say. I just took it for granted and now it is action time. Most everything has been contracted, except flowers, now time for pulling it all together.

The other night I pulled out everything that we already have purchased and laid the various favors, invites, fabric swatches, etc. across our dining room table. So far so good, I thought but my most constant worry is that the overall look won't be cohesive. I feel like on any given day I am dancing between to totally different concepts, a very soft elegant vs. a bright preppy. Hopefully, in the end it will look (somewhat) original and not like I was completely confused as I was making my selections. Here are some inspiration boards showing the difference in the looks. Maybe I will get around to making a board with what we are actually using...


  1. I have a wonderful florist to recommend, if you are interested!

  2. Who? I still haven't contracted one. I am leaning towards Jefferson's here in Greenville.